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Research activities


  • Minoan-Mycenaean CivilisationCronologia_di_Cicerone1.jpg
  • Greek and Latin Languages
  • Greek and Latin Literatures
  • Ancient Christian literature in Greek and Latin
  • Byzantine Literature
  • Middle Latin Literature
  • Birth of Romance and Germanic Languages and of their Medieval literatures
  • Tradition of Medieval and Modern Italian literature

Methodologies Employed

  • Text-critical analysis
  • Linguistic history, tradition and critical edition
  • History and evolution of forms, genres and cultures from the Pre-Classical Age to the Middle Ages

Main Topics of Research

Philology and Textual History
: Textual Criticism and Literary Analysis of Translation; Critical Edition and Analysis of Cicero’s Works (Oratory and Philosophy); Edition and Study of Literary, Paraliterary and Documentary Papyri in Greek From Egypt; The Role of Marginalia in the Reception and Edition of Classical Texts.

Aspects of Greek Literature: Ancient Theatre (Performing Arts, The Comedy of Aristophanes, Relationship between Theatre and Myth); Gnomic Literature and Its Transmission; Anthological Papyri; Physiognomic and Chiromantic Texts; The Figure of the Charioteer in the Archaic and Classical Ages.

Aspects of Latin Literature: Roman Oratory of the Republican and Imperial Ages (Seneca Rhetor, Quintilian, Calpurnius Flaccus, Indirect Tradition; Relationship between Rhetoric, Oratory and Law); Dynamics of Literary Genres (Imperial, Augustan and Flavian Ages); The Construction of Gender Roles in Ancient Culture, in particular in Latin Literature.

Pagan and Christian Late Antiquity in Prose and Poetry: Ausonius, Symmachus and Macrobius; Greek and Latin Homiletic and Hagiographic Texts; Text-Critical Problems of Late-Antique and Christian Texts.

Anthropology of Classical Texts: Myths Related To Liminality (Forest, Cave, Swamp, etc.); Reception of Folkloric Motifs of Antiquity (Revenants and Bogeymen); Minoan Myths; Pagan Underworld.

Fortleben and Didactics: Cultural Heritage of Antiquity in Modern and Contemporary Literatures; Research and Teaching of Classical Languages through Information Media; The Cultural Heritage of the Teaching of Greek between the End of the 19th Century and the Beginning of the 20th Century (The Case of Xenophon).


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